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Re-charge Monodose

PRO FIBER | 6x20 ml

  • Nutrition

  • Repair

Damaged hair follow up at-home treatment


- Dry hair - Unruly hair - Dull hair - Damaged hair


- Nourished - Tamed - Shiny - Restored


The RE-CHARGE monodoses contains APTYL 100, a L’Oréal Research innovation and the result of 7 pending patents. In the past, most of the beneficial haircare effects were eliminated in the first shampoo. Thanks to the RE-CHARGE APTYL 100 monodoses used during the at-home hair treatment, the molecules sealed deep into the hair fiber during the in-salon treatment are reactivated and recharged for an unprecedented lasting effect. Hair is healthy, strengthened and repaired*.


A silicium compound, known for its ability to not only rebuild the cortex deep down but also reinforce the hair structure by recreating a three- dimensional network.

Cationic Polymer

Acts as a sheath, covering the surface of the hair in a protective film, leaving a soft and silky feel. Furthermore, this highly cationic polymer is loaded with positive charges, which means it is attracted to negatively-charged areas of damaged hair.

Extends for 6 weeks* the in-salon protocol effects by recharging damaged hair with APTYL 100. Discover new fiber effect from roots to ends. The advanced technology of the RE-CHARGE Mondose should be applied every 4th wash to reactivate the PRO FIBER treatment exclusively offered in L'Oréal Professionnel salons. After 5 minutes, hair is intensely nourished and transformed into a soft material that's easy to disentangle. Once dried, the hair is shiny, silky and disciplined, and recharged for long-lasting care. * Reactivation of in-salon treatment by Pro Fiber shampoo up to 4 washes + extension of in-salon treatment by Pro Fiber Re-charge.

Re-charge Monodose

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