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Temporary haircolour

Ammonia Free


Does not cover grey hair


Lasts up to 15 shampoos*

*may vary depending on the type of shade/effect chosen, color depth and porosity of the hair fiber


 5 to 20 min : depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser total service time may vary.

Want to change for another look?

Ask for your color remover in salon

Only your colourist can provide you a 100% personnalised #COLORFULHAIR service. 

Personalizes the hair with a wide range of colourful shades (8 shades that can be mixed together for infinite colours' sample: pastel, vivid, rainbow, mermaid ...). Colorfulhair trends are mirroring make-up trends, allowing an infinite possibility of looks with a low commitment direct hair colouring. The formula is a mix of colourful pigments, conditionning agents and half-gel half-cream conditionning, easy to apply through the hair and giving absolute brightness to the hair.

Try iona on your own hair with StyleMyHair

Inoa, the ammonia-free odourless permanent hair colour for a unique hair colouring experience

Choose your color


Choose your shade

    • ColorfulHair
    • Colorful Hair
    • ColorfulHair
    • ColorfulHair
    • ColorfulHair
    • ColorfulHair


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Get a diagnosis for #COLORFULHAIR #colorfulhair at your nearest hairdresser

This product needs a hair diagnosis by a professional.