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Extreme Splash


  • Shine

  • Wet Effect

Elastic wet look gel


- All hair types


- Wet look - Shine - Elastic hold - No visible residue - Non greasy
Give in to the latest hairstyle trend, the wet-look, with a provocative shine and elastic hold that lasts.


Step-by-step Trendy Ponytail

kenzo look trendy ponytail photo
Andre Martens Hairdresser Photo

André Märtens

Hairdresser & Hair Artist

Depending of the reason for styling (date, gala event, party, beach time etc.) this look can be styled differently. 

Find your salon to get the look

  1. 1


    in salon only 15 mn

    My favorite for this year is an undone, rough ponytail with a lot of structure, worked in with the styling product in the whole lengths and “rumple” the hair at the end!

  2. 2


    in salon only 10 mn

    Take your hair all together in the back and fix the ponytail in the level at your back of the head as you like… Tease several stands for more volume, maybe also before doing the ponytail in the hairline area. Fix the final styling with a lot of hairspray!

  3. 3


    in salon only 5 mn

    Use the hair gel to accent several stands in the front of your hair – extract the stands in the contour area and give the whole look a more undone optic by kneading the product in the ends and special hair effects as you like to have…

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Extreme Splash

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