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Natural* & Vegan professional
haircare refillable in salon

*Natural formula: at least 80% natural origin formulas.

Today you pursuit is simple, yet hard to fulfill: Coming back at the source of a simple but effective, natural & transparent beauty. Good for you and better for the enviornment you live in. Discover



Formulated with 80-100%, hight-quality, naturally derived ingredients.



The same result* as a classic haircare product with the natural hair feel.

*versus L'Oreal Professional classic haircare

Natural Haircare.

New generation of
professional formulas

The feat of the incoreporating botanic inclusions

Calendula, lavanda, jasmine and immortelle owers, as well as acacia leaves... L'Oreal Professional has incorporated carefully chosen owers or leaves into each of its Source Essentielle shampoos and oils. To ensure that these inclusions do not a ect the clarity of the formulas and remain in suspension, the L'Oreal laboratories set up a very rigorous process. To ensure that the inclusions are distributed evenly and held in suspension in an aqueous solutio, the researches identi ed a natural gum - Gellan gum - whitch creates a sort of invisible structure within the aqueous solution.

Exclusive combinations of surfactants and naturally derived ingredients

Surfactants are the core ingredients of a shampoo: they give it its cleansing properties, make it foam (or not) and can also give it a soft and silky feel. The L'Oreal researchers wanted to obtain the same level of performance and cosmetic results as those offered by a cjnventional shampoo, but using naturally derived ingredients. To do this, they developed two specific technologies: one for Source Essentielle ranges for dry and colored hair, the other for the ranges for normal hair and delicate scalp.

Each of these technologies is based on a very precise balance of carefully selected surfactants and cosmetic agents.

Professional Products.

Four hair types, each one
benefitting from dedicated
products designed to meet
eachs specific needs:

- Normal Hair
- Dry Hair
- Colored Hair
- Delicate Scalp

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