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Curious to find out if hair can resist the harshest conditions?
@lorealpro followed fashion model twins Baylee & Keylsee Soles during Paris Fashion week. Only one did Pro Fiber… Scroll down to see what happened !

When it doubt, be fierce. Check out @bayleesoles on the 6th photoshoot… Hair took 2 hours to prepare. But it’s on fleek !

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Mug shot ! 18 shampoos in !

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Work, work, work, work, work, work… Paris Fashion Week style !

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Pro Fiber shine, strength & smoothness, there’s nothing like it.

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Survival kit for Paris Fashion Week


Nothing like the professional touch.

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Pro Fiber, tested & approved by @kelseysoles and @bayleesoles
It all starts with a diagnosis. Ask your @lorealpro hairdresser !

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Listen to the twins

The wait is over. The Soles twins put #profiber to the test for 10 exciting days of Paris Fashion Week!. Only one got Pro Fiber. Whose hair was lastingly repaired? Find out now.

Discover the protocol In salon

How to use it by Cut by Fred


For a vast majority of women, damaged hair is a daily challenge. Pro Fiber offers a tailor-made in-salon solution for all levels of damage.
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    In salon

    The PRO FIBER protocol is personalized and based on a unique Hair Damage Evaluation diagnosis carried out by the hairdresser in order to assess hair damage and select products adapted to the level of sensitization of your hair fiber.

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    Prolonged to infinity**

    In salon

    After the diagnosis, the hairdresser applies the specific hair treatment : to resurface hair with a damaged cuticle - REVIVE, to repair hair with a damaged cuticle and cortex - RESTORE, or to restructure hair with a very damaged cortex - RECOVER.

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    At home

    The hairdresser prescribes the at-home program for a long-lasting** effect, of six weeks*** of continuous treatment.

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15 years of Research

Patricia Pineau

L’Oréal’s Scientific Communications Director

It’s the best formula ever achieved in the field of damaged hair.

After 15 years of intense research and 15 patents pending, L’Oréal’s Research laboratories have developed the most sophisticated haircare technology to date: the APTYL 100 molecular complex. By combining Aminosilane with a unique cationic polymer, L’Oréal Research has, for the first time, paved the way to a new generation of long-lasting* haircare. L’Oréal Research has performed numerous tests to demonstrate both the efficacy and durability of APTYL 100.

3 damaged hair levels 3 complete ranges

Inspired by L’Oréal Research’s understanding of damaged hair, L’Oréal Professionnel has identified three levels of damaged hair : level 1, only the cuticle is affected; Level 2, the cuticle and cortex are both affected; Level 3, the cuticle and cortex are very damaged.

Thanks to a thorough understanding of this hair damage, L’Oréal Professionnel has especially designed 3 specific PRO FIBER ranges adapted for each hair damage level: REVIVE, RESTORE, RECOVER. These ranges offer a targeted response to each of the damaged hair levels, for unmatched results.

Rates & comments

They tried it for you

After the treatment in salon, I noticed that my hair felt thicker and stronger, as if I had a denser hair mass.

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I even said "I feel like I have 20% more hair". Well, it has no real scientific value. It's a clear feeling.

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Different than other treatment it doesn’t make the hair feel slippery and flat. It’s another kind of smoothness, I can’t even describe it.

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Even with using a lot of heated hair styling tools (and I really mean a lot) it kept the hair feeling smooth and thick without  - very importantly - weighing it down.

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I admit I was quite impressed with the softness it provides. The most obvious was this feeling of having the tips of my hair "fuller“.

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Personally, I happen to do hair care treatments in salon but I do not often notice some change. There, clearly, you have the impression of having stronger and thicker hair.

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Eva Green loves Pro Fiber

Eva Green


As an actress, my hair undergoes a lot of processing and damage. Honestly, Pro Fiber is amazing. For the first time, I feel my hair has been repaired for good!

* * From L’Oréal Professionnel - Instrumental tests after the salon routine – up to 4 Pro Fiber shampoos (Revive/Restore/Recover).

** Auto-evaluation on 333 women using the Pro Fiber Revive and Recover ranges for 15 days.

*** Reactivation of in-salon treatment by Pro Fiber shampoo up to 4 washes + extension of in-salon treatment by Pro Fiber Re-charge every 4th shampoo.

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